Tableau innovation was entirely focused on visual analysis. The typical workflow in every business that collects and uses data to make decisions let’s say I run a superstore we make sales every day and the data from these sells is stored in a database. A small business might just record these in a spreadsheet an excel file or if you are a software company like a tech startup you might make it available via web or the cloud.
Exploring data to find insights this might just mean they’re looking for new trends and patterns.

Tableau has key products which aims to solve some of the problems
in the first stage of this cycle. Where the store collects the data and keeps it safe is called transaction processing to ensures the data from each alfresco node is captured

You see most of the time data is stored correctly that’s a good thing but often you might look at data and spot a mistake, for example, a transaction where the wrong item was scanned or maybe a missing document category in order to handle you will need to fix these mistakes either manually or in bulk at scale.
Tableau prep builder allows you to clean shape and transform your data by making it really easy to do things like pivoting your data, removing empty fields, replacing fields or merging fields from different data sources it does all of this with a visual and easy to understand interface.

Tableau analyze it this is where tableau desktop and tablet public come in this picture. Tableau desktop allows you to connect to virtually any data format you can think. Alfresco Rest API and Alfresco Database all the way out to large multi-billion row databases and even web api’s once connected you get the ability to start exploring.

Tableau dashboards that can be shared out across the organization tableau public are free.

Alfresco Content Service and Alfresco Process service has many limitations while visualizing data. Tableau and Alfresco can be easily integrated together to make powerful visualizing data.

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