Alfresco Desktop Sync

Alfresco Document Managment System:

Alfresco Document Management System is an open source product provided Alfresco software to manage, collabrate and regulate documents. Alfresco Document Managment System can be installed inside premises or on cloud which enable to manage documents online.

Alfresco Desktop Sync

Alfresco Desktop Sync allow you to sync your desktop documents to Alfresco repository. With the Desktop Sync service you can access site, folders and documents with appropriate permission.

How to setup Alfresco Desktop Sync with Alfresco Content Service?

Following software you needs to download before you start

Once you will install all above prerequisites then move to the configuration files

AlfrescoSyncServer-*.zip includes all files which required for the synchronization service such as alfresco-device-sync-repo-*.amp for to update desktop sync related code.

Here is the command to apply .amp file with Alfresco war file for window OS and similar would for other OS

Go to command prompt and visit to your installation directory like below


java -jar bin\alfresco-mmt.jar install sync\amps-repository\alfresco-device-sync-repo-*.amp tomcat\webapps\alfresco.war -preview

How you will come know amp file has been install?

You will able to see some new version has been updated with exiting alfresco.war file, something like this alfresco.war-1585679468940.bak and new alfresco.war would be generated with somewhat bigger size

Add now once your will restart Alfresco server then alfresco.war would be extracted and you can add following property in the to tell where is your ActiveMQ server and where is your sync service running

dsync.service.uris=https://<ip address>:9090/alfresco

Start your ActiveMQ service and Alfresco Content service then update or modify some documents. You will able to see Alfresco events on the ActiveMQ site

Install Alfresco Desktop Client and connect with sync service.

If you are interested know Desktop sync is better or CMISSync. Please visit here