Alfresco Bulk Import tool is supported By Plus Your Softech

When you start working on Alfresco Content Services or ACS you might have also need to migrate data from one Alfresco Content Repository to another Alfresco Content Repository or from any other CMS repository to Alfresco content repository. When you need data migration then you start googling, is there any Alfresco Bulk Import tool is provided by Alfresco? and you might end up in the search result Bulk Import tool or similar link.

If you will read over Alfresco Bulk Import tool article and you will thrilled. I got it what I needed. But when you will start real in action to bulk import document you will have many questions or concern like?

How to create Metadata files in XML? Yes, the answer is there, that your metadata file name should be suffix¬† and all about that related information. But the real question, if you have thousand’s of documents then how you will generate Metadata XML? manually? then why not import directly document in Alfresco repository and updating metadata which will take thousands of years. Go ahead or start scratching your head and think to hire some developer to write some code to do the same task or directly contact with Plus your softech who has already experience with the multiple successful projects.

Create Metadata XML for the Alfresco Bulk Import tool

Creating thousands of metadata XML is painful and long time taking. We help the customer to bulk import data in the Alfresco repository on each and every step. Please contact on or leave a message in chatbox we will contact you immediately.

Verify your imported data with automated tools.

Once data is imported by the Alfresco Bulk Import tool then It’s important to verify data. We have an automated tool that will verify and give you a complete report. Please contact on or leave a message in chatbox we will contact you immediately.